Go on a cycling adventure in the future Valmiera region!

When the sun rays start to heat up more and the buds bloom like crackling popcorn, we are also filled with a charge of energy and a desire to wander through life so that our hair is flowing in the wind! In order for the energy of nature to charge every enthusiast of active recreation, we - the pearl of North Vidzeme - have prepared ideas for cycling routes of different lengths, natural landscapes and levels of complexity in the future Valmiera region! If you haven't already, then this is the right time to wake up your muscles and lubricate your bike's sprockets from hibernation!

For short rides (up to 15 km)*
Trails in the Leisure Park in Valmiera (2.4–9 km) will be especially suitable for both shorter and longer trips, following one of the different color markings on the trees. In the leisure park, crossroads are intertwined paths surrounded by forest, allowing everyone to discover the changing banks of the river Gauja. They take you along the Kazu rapids, Vanšu bridge, Valmiera open-air stage and the Gauja river Steep Banks. You can reach the leisure park by going from Valmiera's Old Town or the Gauja river Steep Bank Park of Senses, where there is a large information map with a network of trails. Take the opportunity to stop at the View Terrace on the river Gauja, where you can indulge in a moment of relaxation and enjoy the sun!!
Thematic routes (4–20 km) reveals, how different Valmiera is – industrial, surrounded by tales and legends, rich in big trees and proud of every Valmiera boy and girl! There are also routes where you can complete tasks along the way. Routes are mainly on paved bicycle lanes. Routes in nature are not marked.
The route “Green Valmiera” (9 km) reveals Valmiera's natural and cultural history values ​​- the legendary Vecpuišu Park, Valmiera bridges, the great Valmiera State Gymnasium building, as well as the the Gauja river Steep Banks and other places. Start of the route from Valmiera Tourism Information Center (Rīga street 10). The route in nature is not marked. GPX file available here.
During the task route “Take a spin around Mazsalaca!” (9 km) there will be the opportunity to see various tourist attractions, learn interesting historical facts, as well as fill in the task sheet by answering questions. Start of the route from Mazsalaca county Tourism Information Center. The route in nature is not marked..
The route Nr.149 (15 km) leads along the rich landscape of Rūjiena and Naukšēni, revealing also such objects as Rūjiena St. Bērtulis church, Terneja hill, The Trumpeter of Talava monument and others. The route leads along gravel, asphalt and forest roads, we recommend starting it from Rīgas street in the center of Rūjiena. The route in nature is marked with number plates No.149.

For adventure spirit seekers (up to 50 km)

The route “Cinema pedal half-pedal” (25 km)*, which symbolises the annual cinema and bicycle festival, leads along the landscapes of Valmiera and Brenguļi, the view opens to the place where Abuls flows into the river Gauja. There is a special footbridge to cross Abuls and travelers are invited to the Love trail. The route marking is in the form of a triangle with a white outer edge and a green inside, where the apex of the triangle indicates the direction in which to go. The route starts from Valmiera Tourism Information Center. At higher water levels, the footbridge over Abuls may be flooded. GPX file available here.

The route “Valmiera – Brenguļi loop” (42 km)* will be a calm, moderate ride, observing the scenic scenery of nature. On the way you can stop and climb mount Peka. Probably this is where Beverina Castle once stood. The route is marked with No.125, and it is recommended to start from Valmiera. GPX file available here.
Route around the parts of Valmiera and Vaidava (46 km)* will take your breath with the largest white sandstone outcrop in the Baltics – Sietiņiezis. The route is physically challenging, especially in the forest part along the river Gauja. Those who love silence can also meet a forest resident on this road. The route in nature is marked with No.120, and it is recommended to start from Valmiera. GPX file available here.
The route “Around the lake Burtnieks” (50 km)*  is a local cycling route with No.122. Part of the road winds along the shores of Lake Burtnieks, along the way it is possible to get to know the cultural history and enjoy the silence of the countryside. The route does not stand out with steep inclines, but it is interesting due to the diverse landscapes. The route starts in Burtnieki, and it is marked in nature, in some sections coinciding with the regional route No.17. GPX file available here.
The route “Following the footsteps of Ādams” (50 km)* based on the book "Ādam's story" about the farmer Ādams Purmalis, who lived in the vicinity of Mazsalaca. The route in nature is not marked, it starts in Ramata and mostly leads on asphalt and gravel roads. Several info stands can also be seen along the way.

The linear route “Valmiera – Cēsis” (50 km) stretches from city to city, from church to church through streets, roads, forest trails and bridges, allowing you to see both the course of the Gauja and the famous rock giant - Sietiņiezis. The route in nature is marked with No.121. GPX file available here.

For cycling enthusiasts (up to 105 km)

The route through Valmiera, Zilākalns, Dikļi and Burtnieki (70 km)* is surrounded by the magic of Zilākalns, the splendor of Dikļi Palace, the feelings of childhood days in Vika fairytale park, the waters of lake Burtnieks and the alleys of big trees. The route in nature is marked with No.124. GPX file available here.

During the route “From the banks of River Gauja through the Seda swamp up to Kaņepju big oak” (77 km)* you can enjoy the changing banks of the Gauja, and to see the wooden sculpture park, the Jērcēnmuiža, Seda swamp and other objects. The route starts from Strenči rapids and is not marked in nature. The route leads along asphalt, gravel and forest roads and can be divided into two stages, enjoying two days. From October 2021 to October 2022, the road will be rebuilt on a certain section of the route.

The route through Valmiera, Zilākalns, Augstroze (83 km)* and other villages opens an opportunity to look not only at the glory of the future Valmiera region, but also in the neighbors - Limbaži region. It can be proud of the nature reserve Augstroze, which we invite you to see during this adventure. The route in nature is marked with No.123, and we recommend starting it from Valmiera. GPX file available here.
The route through Valmiera, Trikāta, Strenči, Rencēni (105 km)* and other smaller and larger villages will be a sporting challenge. It leads both downhill and uphill. When driving along the route, you will be sure that you have seen a part of the significant values ​​of the future Valmiera region. The route is marked with No.126, and it is recommended to start from Valmiera. GPX file available here.

The future Valmiera region is also proud of the network of the route “Green Railway”, which serves not only as a hiking or biking trail, but also for skiing in the snowy winter months. The route is shallow, marked, as well as provides an opportunity to see the typical landscape of the railway area - fields, swamps, bridges and former railway stops. GPX files for various routes available here. Different GPX file available here.

The international Tour de LatEst route also runs through the vast region. The road surface is asphalt and gravel. The route is very diverse - both the bustling urban environment and the silence of nature and picturesque landscapes. By taking on this route you will get acquainted not only with Latvian, but also with Estonian cultural history and natural heritage, including national and nature parks, biosphere reserve.

In order to diversify active recreation adventures, we encourage to see the nature trails and boating offer in the future Valmiera region!

We ask you to be responsible, respecting the restrictions set by the country and protecting your own and others' health!

*Circular route