Event guide 2021/ June

1.06. Event of the visual and visual plastic art project “Radi rotājot” (“Creat by decorating”. Location: Valmiera Youth centre “Vinda”
1.-5.06. Qualification tournament for the 13th Women’s World Floorball Championship. Location: Vidzeme Olympic centre
4.-6.06. European cup in BMX bicycle racing. Location: Māris Štrombergs BMX track “Valmiera”
5.06. Beverīna Song and dance festival. Location: Trikāta castle mound
5.06. Church night concert in candle lights with the chamber choir “Vidus”. Location: Piksāri church
11.06. Concert by the band “Menuets”. Location: Neikenkalns open-air concert hall, in Dikļi
14.06. Commemoration of the Day of Remembrance of the victims of the vommunist venocide. Location: By the railway station “Valmiera”
19.06. Solstice gathering of folk musicians in Vidzeme. Location: Neikenkalns open-air concert hall, in Dikļi
19.06. The 10th anniversary concert by the dance collective  “Dzieti” and summer solstice event. Location: Brenguļi
20.06. Summer solstice with the band “Iļģi”. Location: Jērcēnmuiža park
21.-24.06. Midsummer “warm-up” events. Location: Valmiera county
26.-27.06.  Latvian championship in track and field. Location: Jānis Daliņš stadium
The conduct of the measure depends on the epidemiological situation in the country. Please follow up the information of the measure!