Event guide 2021/ October

8.10. Concert dedicated to the the 100th anniversary of the Rūjiena Culture house
9.10. Simjūds trade. Location: Valmiera Town hall square and old town  
16.10. Rock opera “Mauglis” (“Mowgli”). Location: Valmiera Culture centre
23.10. Dance concert “Mēs 3, Jūs 3” (“Us 3, You 3”). Location: Valmiera Culture centre
23.-30.10. Valmiera Restaurant week. Location: Valmiera
29.10. Anniversary concert “Vella kalpiem - 50/Šerlokam Holmsam - 40” (“The movie “Vella kalpi” turns 50/ Sherlock Holmes – 40”). Location: Valmiera culture centre
30.10. Legends night. Location: Kokmuiža
30.10. Legends night. Location: Jērcēnmuiža park
The conduct of the measure depends on the epidemiological situation in the country. Please follow up the information of the measure!