Kocēni region is located to the west from Valmiera. It unites Bērzaine, Dikļi, Kocēni, Vaidava and Zilaiskalns vicinities. The population of the region is 7017 inhabitants.

One of the most famous sights is Zilaiskalns – the place is wrapped in mystery, full of legends and stories; a very powerful sacred place.

There is the largest exposure of white sandstone in the Baltic region in the Kocēni region- Sietiņiezis. Sietiņiezis is named after the bee holes in the rock. Nature trail and viewing platforms to see it closer are available. 


White tower of Mujāņi is built in 14th century and it is a part of Mujāņi castle. On the other side of Dzirnavu lake there is a Mujāņi manor complex, also the building of education association of Mujāņi. It is one of the picturesque views in the region.


There is Vik`s Fairy-Tale Park with nature trails in Dikļi. There you can see 28 different fairytale characters by writer Viks located in the park. Playground and picnic areas are available.

Dikļi is a cradle of Latvian Song Festival. The venue of the first Latvian song Festival took place in the Summer of 1864 in a Neikena Hill. There were participating singers/choirs from Mazsalaca, Rūjiena, Straupe, Limbaži and Lielsalaca. Latvian Song Festival has become a traditional event.



Dikļi palace in cooperation with Valmiermuiža, Valmiera Drama Theater, leisure complex “Avoti” offers unforgettable relaxation after a tour of sights in Kocēni region. There is one of the best gourmant restaurants in Latvia, ECO SPA and an accommodation in the Dikļi Manor complex.


There are also Kokmuiža complex, Mežuļu spring, Vaidava lake, Stoķi - Līgotāji cliffs with Patkul`s cave and health spring, Buiži lake, Podzēni Manor, Rubene Lutheran church, Grebi and Bļoda castle mounds and others.

Not only cultural or natural sights, but also active leisure facilities are available. You are welcome to ride a horse, cycle by bike in nature trails, get to know more about herbal drugs or collections of chairs or eat delicious food in Latvian Stake lessons.