Tourism materials

Travel and relax | Valmiera. Beverīna. Burtnieki. Kocēni. | 2020

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Valmiera city map | 2019

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Event guide 2020 | Valmiera. Beverīna. Burtnieki. Kocēni.

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*ATTENTION! Due to the declared emergency and the limitations of COVID-19, the events will not take place at previously planned time. Please look for the information in visit.valmiera “Event calendar”  at specific dates! The calendar will be updated with actual information on canceled and postponed events!

Valmiera Hanseatic town | 2020

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Family holidays in Valmiera, Kocēni, Burtnieki, Beverīna | 2018

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Architecture and art in Valmiera | 2018

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Thematic routes in Valmiera

Routes in Gauja National Park 


Gauja National Park Tourist Guide | 2020

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Travel guide for families in Gauja National Park | 2020

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Camping and resting areas in Valmiera and surroundings | 2018

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Guidebook "Vacations in Enter Gauja Manors" | 2020

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Latvia - Estonia "Greenways" | 2017

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