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Event guide 2020

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Travel and relax.

Valmiera.Beverīna.Burtnieki.Kocēni., 2019

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Valmiera city map, 2019

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Valmiera Hanseatic town, 2019

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Family holidays in Valmiera, Kocēni, Burtnieki, Beverīna, 2018

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Architecture and art in Valmiera, guidebook, 2018

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Thematic routes in Valmiera

Travel guide for families and children, 2020

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Camping and resting areas in Valmiera and surroundings, 2018

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The Food Lover’s Guide to the Riga-Gauja region provides an insight into the modern national cuisine of Latvia, emphasising the seasonality and freshness of food products more than ever. Four seasons — four menu “scenarios” including delicacies encountered at our latitudes. For example, rhubarb and birch juice in spring, cat fish and sour cherry in summer, quince and boletus in autumn, rowan berries and turnip in winter.

We are familiarised with over 30 places, where one can enjoy and feast (castles, estates, restaurants), become acquainted, get to know and taste (museums and places of tasting of bread, beer, wine, etc.), relax and shop at the same time (entertainment parks).

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Latvia - Estonia "Greenways", 2017

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In 2017, the Riga-Gauja region received an honourable title - The European region of Gastronomy 2017. The title of The European region of Gastronomy 2017 has been established to promote local cuisine culture and the preservation of local traditions, to facilitate gastronomic innovations and to attract tourists to the region. Other holders of the same title are the Danish city Aarhus with the central part of Denmark and the Italian region of Lombarda.

12 Latvian products were highlighted in the Riga-Gauja region in 2017:

  • In winter - rye bread, rowanberries, turnip;
  • In spring - rhubarb, sorrel, birch and maple sap;
  • In summer - catfish, sour cherries, cloudberries;
  • In autumn - quince, venison, porcini (Boletus edulis).

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Guidebook "Vacations in Enter Gauja Manors"

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