Download the tourism brochure of the Gauja National Park and plan your trip in advance


In tourism brochure of the Gauja National Park all most popular sightseeing places and objects of the National park have been gathered. 

There you will find suggestions on how to spend your holidays in the Gauja National Park. Hikers, cyclists and boating enthusiasts will find useful guidelines on how to enjoy the nature wonders of the park, information about upcoming events, museums, historical, cultural and nature objects in the area of your destination, and as well creative workshops and skiing tracks nearby. True adventurers will appreciate that in this brochure spots where one can get an adrenaline injection can be found by pushing your limits through bungee jumping or flying in a vertical wind tunnel. Also travellers with children and those wishing to take a romantic gateway will find useful tips on how to spend quality time in the Gauja National Park.

Particular attention in the tourism brochure has been devoted to gastronomy travellers by highlighting the best restaurants and local good markets to be found in the Gauja National Park. There you will also find valuable information about 12 seasonal products, which are suggested by the Riga-Gauja region as the holder of the title „The European Region of Gastronomy 2017”. Can you guess what those 12 products are?

The brochure currently is available in Latvian and English and can be downloaded free of charge on the Enter Gauja home page („Downloads”), and on the websites of the bellow-mentioned local government tourist information centres. (

The brochure has been issued by the tourism cluster of the Gauja National Park in cooperation with Inčukalns, Sigulda, Līgatne, Amata, Cēsis, Priekuļi, Pārgauja and Kocēni counties and the Valmiera City Council.

“Enter Gauja” unites a region full of tales and mysteries in the very heart of Latvia. Since ancient times it has been the centre of legendary events and famous people. The cultural heritage and the power of untouched nature here are combined with a modern and vibrant cultural life and a great variety of active leisure opportunities.

“Enter Gauja” is a tourism brand of the Gauja National Park cluster created to foster visibility and recognisability of the Gauja National Park, to ensure sustainable development of the region in a united tourism destination and to increase the length of stay in the region. “Enter Gauja” was founded in 2013 within the framework of the project „Development of the Gauja National Park cluster” which is supported by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia and local governments and tourism entrepreneurs located in the territory of the Gauja National Park.