New Art benches in Valmiera


On April 24, three new Art benches were installed in Valmiera. This year the paintings on the benches were created by artists Ieva Iltnere, Kristīne Kutepova and Pēteris Līdaka. The benches are on Cēsu street, before the bridge over Gauja, next to the Valmiera Art school and on Rīgas street 20.

“I have a habit of drawing something on the edge of a piece of paper while talking on the phone. Drawings are usually incomprehensible, mechanical, for example, an aircraft with propellers, wheels and wings. I sometimes use these drawings to create larger and more serious works - drawings, paintings or sculptures. Also this time - when painting the Valmiera bench, as an inspiration I used one of the sketches from telephone conversation in April,“ says artist Pēteris Līdaka. Ieva Iltnere, on the other hand, reveals that when she saw the bench, it was immediately clear that the painting would be ornamental and the different sizes of the boards would create interesting pattern dynamics. “I gave it the name "Indian bench", maybe it can stay that way - Gauja Indians." Various writings also decorate the bench painted by Kristīne Kutepova: “There are symbols and patterns hidden around the belt about the structure of the world and the search for a way. Someone will see a water rose, someone will see a lotus flower, an hourglass, a bow, another will have a meeting of the elements. The bench itself told me what to paint. It chose to calm and delight its user. For the one who is seated, the subtle nuances of the bench will be revealed, which will be hidden from passers-by.”

Art benches complement the urban environment of Valmiera for the fifth year. Valmiera residents and guests are delighted by a bench at the Valmiera Culture Center, painted by Signe Vanadziņa. The artist has immortalized the rain of cherries over the bench. Elita Patmalniece invites guests to enjoy the still life of the night by the ruins of Valmiera castle. The Gauja taste palette on the bench by Valterkalniņš is depicted by Patrīcija Brekte. Two more benches in a public performance were painted by the team of Valmiera Drama Theater. Paula Zariņa-Zēmane at the Valmiera Music School has brought to life a small man - a landscape observer and thinker. Next to it a match between matches can be seen - the handwriting of Juris Dimiters. At the Valmiera School of Design and Art, Andris Vītoliņš invites you to think about the contrast between the digital environment and nature. Vija Zariņa and Kaspars Zariņš have depicted the natural beauty and special mood of the inscription “Valmiera” above the flower in Gaujmala. The guiding principle of Vilipsōns was love. Alexei Naumov "placed" boats and ships on the banks of the Gauja. Anna Heinrihsone, when painting a bench by the Kazu rapids, thought of spring and saw beetles as living gems. Right next, the characteristic splendor of spring also reigns in the artwork of Helēna Heinrihsone, depicting her characteristic elements and characters - roses, faces, legs and even a skull, which is a symbol of eternal life. There is also a bench painted by Ieva Jurjāne by the rapids. The artist used hot melted wax as a binder for color pigments, engraving on the bench text. Klāvs Loris also painted the bench at the intersection of Rūpniecības and Cēsu streets using a special technique – textile pigments and rust effect. Meanwhile the 3rd year students of Valmiera School of Design and Art, led by lecturer Iveta Gudeta, supplemented the bench at the school with the landscape of the outstanding cloud painter Pēteris Kundziņš.