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Lake Burtnieks
Lake Burtnieks
Lake Burtnieks
Lake Burtnieks
Lake Burtnieks
Lake Burtnieks
Lake Burtnieks
Lake Burtnieks

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  • Burtnieki municipality
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  • GPS 57.6981693,25.2696703

Lake Burtnieks

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The fourth biggest lake in Latvia stretching 13,5 km long in the western part of Northern Vidzeme. Average depth – 2,4 m, maximum depth – 4,3 m, width – 5,5 km. 23 bigger and smaller rivers flow into the lake. More than 20 various species of fish inhabit the lake. Fishing is allowed with licences.

Fishing in Lake Burtnieks:

  • Obligatory fishing licence;
  • Obligatory Lake Burtnieks fishing licence;
  • Excluding May it is allowed to fish with "Free one year licence" for those who have land next to Lake Burtnieks and their siblings, children and teenagers up to 16 years old, persons older than 65 years old as well  as  people with special needs and politically repressed persons.

  During winter time it is prohibited to drive (cars) on Lake Burtnieks.

Places where you can buy fishing licence:

    Burtnieki rural area administration, J.Vintēna Street 7, Burtnieku rural area, Burtnieku municipality, week days 8.00 - 17.00, phone:+371  64226643;
    Matīši rural area administration, Upes Street 22, Matīši rural area, Burtnieku municipality, week days 8.00 - 17.00, phone: +371 64224167;
    Valmieras rural area administration, Vanagu Street 4, Valmieras rural area, Burtnieku municipality, week days 8.00 - 17.00, phone:+371 64238257;
    Vecate rural area administration, „Pagastnams”, Vecates rural area, Burtnieku municipality, week days.8.00 - 17.00, phone:+371 64230672;
    IU „ROJ” store Mazsalaca, Baznīcas Street 3a, 9.00-18.00 phone.+371 64250332;
    IU „ROJ” store Rūjiena, Brīvības Street 8, 8.00 - 17.00, phone +371 64250331;
    Camping “Ezerpriedes”, Burtnieki rural area, Burtnieku municipality,phone +371 29461455;
    SIA “Burtnieks” store, Valmieras Street 12, Matīši,  Burtnieki municipality, phone +371 26439263;
    SIA “Zaltes” store “Krasti", Burtnieki, Burtnieku municipality;
    SIA “Zaltes” store J.Vintēna Street 10, Burtnieki, Burtnieki municipality;
    Z/s “RŪĶĪŠI”, “Saulītes”, Matīšu rural area, Burtnieki municipality,phone +371 26428428;
    Gas Station "Valdeko", Valmiera rural area, Burtnieku municipality,phone+371  64233721
    Store "Makšķernieku serviss" Stacijas Street 12a, Valmiera, phone +371 64233611
    Boat stop ”Bauņi”, phone +371 64200255
    Boat stop ”Seda”, phone +371 64200318
    Boat stop "Vidzemes laivas" Ezera Street 11A, Burtnieki, Burtnieki rural area, Burtnieku municipality,phone +371 29127198
    IK“ LĪDACIŅAS LAIVĀS”, Vecates boat stop, Vecate, Burtnieku municipality, +371 29129427, +371 29456900
    Online: www.epakalpojumi.lv (service is free of charge).

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