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Valmiermuiža manor park and manor tower
Valmiermuiža manor park and manor tower
Valmiermuiža manor park and manor tower

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  • Burtnieki municipality
  • Dzirnavu Street 2, Valmiermuiža
  • -
  • GPS 57.5559279,25.4314323

Valmiermuiža manor park and manor tower

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Since very old times Valmiermuiža Manor was known far and wide as a hospitable place for travellers.

The beginnings of Valmiermuiža Manor date back to the same time as Valmiera Castle. The cadastre of the Swedish time says there was a mighty pub house by the castle which sold beer to the nobility.  Valmiera Manor was located close to the castle then, but by 1624 it was moved to the place where it is located now.  

The manor reached its heyday at the end of the 18 century when its leaseholder was Prince Peter August Friedrich from Schleswig - Holstein- Beck province in Germany. He had his summer residence and hunting grounds here. It was said to be one of the most beautiful manors in Vidzeme favoured by many noble people and even representatives of royal families. As Valmiera Manor was close to the road leading from Western Europe to Petersburg, several European Monarchs, such as the King of Poland, Sigismund, the King of Sweden, Karl XII, the Queen of Prussia, Louise, the Empress of Russia, Catherine II, and other aristocratic guests stayed there overnight. The splendour was lost in the course of time, yet something of its grandeur has survived, and today we can see its neo-Baroque tower with unique paintings of walls and the ceiling. The manor gate has been restored, and the park has been partially renovated.


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